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February 28


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Fanart Contest!!!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 28, 2014, 9:35 PM
Okay, very few people have shown interest in this contest, so I'm going to draw the line in one month. If we get fewer than five entries by April 22 then the contest is cancelled.

There's gonna be a fanart contest! If you join, you're going to draw a picture of one or more characters from the sleepoverse (details further down). The picture can be digital or traditional art but must be neat and, if traditional, well photographed/scanned. The pictures will be judged on composition and meaningfulness, which includes how true they are to the character and the picture's effect on me and the other judge.

I will not end the contest until there have been at least 20 entries. If it goes on for too long, then I'll bring it down to 15. This means you should spread the word about this contest!

I consider this contest to be taking place on both deviantart and tumblr. When you make an entry, please either upload the picture to tumblr or dA (or both) and make sure you link to the contest in the description. Note me on here or send me an ask on tumblr notifying me of your entry.
My tumblr url is vachinas.
dark blue heart bullet  First Place: $20 or 1600 Points 
red heart bullet Second Place: $15 or 1200 Points 
yellow heart bullet Third Place: $10 or 800 Points 

Given through paypal or with dA points, your choice.
:check: Digital or traditional artwork only
:check: Pixel art is accepted
:check: Neatly presented 
:check: No rough sketches (doesn't have to be colored, but just have neat lines please)
:check: Must only be one or more of the characters listed below
:check: You may enter as many times as you like,  however you can only win for one of your pictures
:check: If you enter, you must advertise this contest. If you're on deviantart, make a journal linking to this one. If you're on tumblr, make a post linking to here. You will not be qualified unless you do this.
1p Characters


Sex/gender: Male
Hair: Black, kept in a long braid down to his butt
Eye color: Golden-brown
Skin color: Tan
Body type: Muscular but also short and sort of pathetically girly
Ethnicity: Chinese
Personality: A huge asshole. Like, the biggest asshole around. Also a Lv 1000 Sarcasm Master who enjoys making bad days worse. HOWEVER, if someone is having a really really bad day and he cares about them he will more likely than not try to make them feel better some way or another.


Sex: intersex; infertile female without breasts
Gender: Male
Hair: Dark brown, kept in a ponytail
Eye color: Golden-brown
Skin color: Milky white
Body type: Very girly, thin and slender with nice hips
Ethnicity: Chinese
Personality: Super super super girly, likes to giggle and pet cute animals and wear girl clothes. Because of his he gets picked on a lot but that's okay because he is a princess and everyone who ever tries to hurt him is a peasant who isn't worthy of the ground his fluffy pink slippers walk on.


Sex/gender: Male
Hair: Fire engine red in a Beatle cut
Eye color: Emerald-green
Skin color: White, covered in freckles
Body type: REALLY muscular and strong he is a all star football player who is in love with his own six pack (but has a baby face shh)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Personality: Literally the definition of "dumb jock". Asld is really stupid and stuck up and has an ego almost as big as his dick. He won't admit he's gay because that'll ruin his rep but secretly he dreams of being a mommy and is a hardcore masochist


Sex/gender: female
Hair: Longish wavy blonde hair
Eye color: Blue-green
Skin color: White
Body type: Curvy, pretty thin
Ethnicity: Caucasian 
Personality: Cares way too much about popularity for her own good, gets offended easily over stuper dumb stupid things, and has self-diagnosed penisphobia. A THESPIAN, not a LESBIAN, thank u very much. Platonically dating Asld for the sake of popularity if that gives you an idea of how desperate she is (shes secretly very gay)


Sex/gender: male
Hair: Black, kept in a //long// braid to his knees
Eye color: Deep brown, wears glasses
Skin colorCaramel brown
Body type: Muscular, very tall
Ethnicity: Mongolian
Personality: An angry feminist and awkward nerd and confident dom all wrapped up into one husband for one very lucky (we think) redhead football boy. He also likes lizards a lot and suffers from severe "I'm a doctor and thus you all have to worship me" syndrome


Sex: same as Yao
Gender: Male
Hair: Longish and light pink
Eye color: light blue
Skin color: Milky white
Body type: extremely girly, a lot like Yao
Ethnicity: Caucasian, French nationality
Personality: A male with a very female expression. He cross dresses and pulls it off, the only thing suggesting his sex being his flat chest. With his full, glossed lips and his suggestive stare, paired with his impenetrable confidence, few people have the courage to taunt him or question his gender.  He sees sex as sacred and something that shouldn't be shamed or held back on. He loves lingerie and sex toys, and he's infamous for being the first to suggest sex or just having a pervy mind in general.


Sex/gender: female
Hair: Average length, black
Eye color: Light blue, grayish
Skin color: White
Body type: curvy, tall, big-ish breasts
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Personality: Very laid back and nonchalant. She's kai's canon girlfriend and laughs at her need for popularity but still thinks she's adorable.


Sex/gender: male
Hair: Blond, short and messy (a little like Togami Byakuya idfk)
Eye color: Light blue, wears glasses
Skin color: White
Body type: Pretty average, has some muscle tho
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Personality: Has some serious anger and control issues but is secretly just a dork that likes flirting and failing miserably and is really obsessed with hunting like whoa slow down friend murder is bad


Sex: same as Yao and Elodie
Gender: male
Hair: Long and black, to about his waist
Eye color: Gold
Skin color: Creamy white, like vanilla ice cream
Body type: girly, thin, but... more "muscular" than Yao (which is saying nothing tbh)
Ethnicity: Chinese
Personality: Nicknamed "Princey", Lesperance has serious anxiety and asperger syndrome, and has trouble really functioning at all without his medication. When on the medication and feeling more comfortable, he ranges from sweet and caring to sarcastic and controlling (the latter only when around people who feel immature to him). Serious dinosaurphile.


Sex/gender: male
Hair: Pretty short (like to his neck?), messy, dark brown
Eye color: Lime green
Skin color: Dark tan i guess
Body type: ALMOST as muscular as Asld
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Personality: Gets really passionate about football. Like, to the point that he was made the captain of the football team and is REALLY REALLY serious about it. He's a really good sport though and he cares a lot about keeping these high school teenage boys together as an actual team so good for him

Elie (genderbent Elodie)

Sex: female
Gender: gender-fluid
Hair: light pink and usually pulled up into a high bun
Eye color: light blue
Skin color: milky white
Body type: thin
Ethnicity: Caucasian, French nationality
Personality: In public, Elie dresses male with male pronouns. In private/at home he may or may not let his hair down and take off his chest binder and refer to himself as female. He has perfect manners and uses flowery speech; he sounds like a wealthy gentleman from the 1800's sometimes. He prefers female-bodied people.
2p Characters
2p characters have the same appearance as their 1ps unless otherwise stated.

2p Junjie

Very polite and sweet, and very modest. He loves animals and sweet foods. He's soft-spoken and never utters a bad word.

2p Asld

A highschool-dropout gangster who uses 90's slang and has multiple mini pigs that he treats like family.

2p Yao

Very responsible person who acts like a big brother to everyone around him. He nags a lot. Unlike his 1p counterpart, he is male in both sex and gender, though his body is still very girly and slim.

2p Elodie

An angel on Earth. His innocence is baffling, and he is one of the sweetest people in the sleepoverse. He fails to grasp the idea that some people are just mean, and sees the good in everything and everyone.

2p Baatar

A childish and affectionate guy who suffers from schizophrenia. He has a live-in nurse and takes medication, however. He also has ADHD and tends to be hyper and unable to concentrate unless he's on medication; then, he tends to be lazy and constantly wanting to snuggle. He's usually very open about his sexuality and will not hold back from telling someone he wants to have sex with them.

3p Elodie

The only 3p character we have so far. He has light blue hair and is passionate about mallet percussion and electronic music. He's pretty laid back, and though he loves sex he doesn't flirt as...aggressively as 1p Elodie does. This is only because girls tend to fall all over him and he never really has to ask for sex; it comes to him.

2p Finch

hes aslds territorial rival who actually just likes sending him passive aggressive texts and being intimidating and also he dreams of making asld someday submit and beg for his dick but that wont ever happen because hes a gay loser

For more information, please read the powerpoint  I made on the Sleepoverse. It includes information on characters that isn't included here, and has common pairings and scenarios if you need inspiration.

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Fanart Contest!!!by IAmTheBlackbird

Journals / Personal©2014 IAmTheBlackbird
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buenodavista Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014   Traditional Artist
I'm assuming this is over? Sorry if it is.. just didn't see any newer journal with the winners.
leRedbird Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist
Il enter
izzybun Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hey do to wanting more submissions and having not many people actually meet the deadline (April 22) who said they'd join, we're extending the contest for a bit longer. IAmTheBlackbird is busy with other things so she's left me in charge uvu

Right now I'm thinking to give the contest until the second week of May. So if you still plan to enter, submit your art in by then! And make sure to somehow link me to the piece so I'm notified~
izzybun Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Great, just make sure your entry is in by the 22nd!
sakamachi-shiro Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
woow i just found this event now 

is that too late for me to enter ?
izzybun Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hey due to wanting more submissions and having not many people actually meet the deadline (April 22) who said they'd join, we're extending the contest for a bit longer. IAmTheBlackbird is busy with other things so she's left me in charge uvu Sorry for the inconvenience~
sakamachi-shiro Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
its okay
IAmTheBlackbird Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Nope! Though if I were you I'd hurry, because not many people seem interested and if I don't get a good number of entries by april 22 then I'll have to cancel it. You can spread the word though! 
izzybun Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
No it's not! Just make sure your submission is in by the 22!
sakamachi-shiro Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
but before i wanna ask you, 
how about this : " If we get fewer than five entries by April 22 then the contest is cancelled."

what the meaning ? am i a lil confuse, 

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